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Reservation cancellation is possible by advance notification via e-mail/phone at minimum of 24 hours before departure time.

Yes, re-booking seats are possible however it will be based on the availability upon booking is requested. There could be limited seats for last-minute request

Your Fastboat Ticket will be issued by the fast boat company on the date of service, once the payment is completed.

Advance Payment via Paypal/Bank Transfer

Payment collected by the Boat Company on the date of service.  This method of payment is to give you relief also avoid a hassle in a refund in case of any cancellation is needed for any urgent circumstances.

Reservation modification is allowed by advance notification at a minimum of 1 x 24 hours before the departure date. Unless any urgent circumstances you are welcome to contact us. Contact details are provided on your reservation confirmation.

All transactions will be in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and the price in other currencies will be converted to IDR based on the valid exchange of the respected company.

Cash, Credit Card, Paypal, Wise, and bank payments are accepted.

3,5% fee is chargeable for payment by Credit Card or Paypal.

Try to check your junk/spam mail otherwise, you may contact us at

Reservation confirmation is received within a few minutes after the online booking is completed. It will be sent to the email address registered on the booking request.

You can contact us by finding their details on the reservation confirmation. Tell them your reason for canceling your trip and if you need an alternative schedule.